St Patrick’s Primary Careers Fair – A fun and Inspiring Afternoon

March 29, 2022
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I had a great time supporting the Career Fair at St Patrick’s Primary in my role as SkillsBlox Advisor, with Claire from Primary Business Partnership / Centre for Leadership Performance.

There were lots of people for children to talk to about different jobs & it was easy to see from the smiles & chatting that they really enjoyed it. It is wonderful to see eyes light up and lightbulbs go off when young people have the chance to get a bit hands on and ask questions. Too many stalls to mention, but in addition to Fire Service, Farmers and Robotics outside, there was a chance for children from all key stages to talk to other professions indoors.

Emma Hunt, a talented local artist and musician was encouraging future artists to get really involved with pastel painting; Jon Fell, executive chef of Osprey Inns including The Peddlar, impressed with the enormous ostrich egg compared to a hens egg; React Engineering were creating some colour magic with a variety of experiments (see end of the video!).

Police, Nurse, English and History Teacher, Vet, Explorer, Dance Teacher, Engineer, Hairdresser, Chef, Artist…. AND to top it off for me, while I chatted to the children about marketing, graphic & web design, they proved to me that we are in safe hands in the future with their excellent invention and colouring of logos and packaging. Many SkillBlox stickers were given out for their ideas, imagination, leadership, communication and more.

Thanks to the school team for arranging such a great event and to organisations like CforLP / PBP for helping us as businesses get involved.

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