Walking on Hot Coals with #BECBC for The Freedom Project

September 18, 2023
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Well this time last week at the September Meeting of BEC Business Cluster we’d completed a Fire walk!

I am glad I did take part, although confess I had a few nerves beforehand 😅. It all began to feel a bit real when Scott Bell (Guinness World Record holder for 2 x longest Fire walks!) and his team lit the fire and then took us in to the “classroom” for an hour’s training. We had to sign a waiver…. and I looked at my feet a few times and thought I’m quite fond of the old things really!!

Anyway, long story short it was Dianne Richardson, fab friend and CEO of BECBC who somehow managed to convince me to say yes when we were out walking one day. Well to be honest I don’t remember even saying the word – it had just zoomed out of my mouth and there we were plotting walking on coals for a great cause. Joking apart, as Dianne said people who suffer domestic abuse walk on hot coals every day. We were doing it once to raise money so that we help prevent this.

Great to share the experience with Dianne, Miranda Kirschel, Jenny Brumby, Arran Pamphilon & Matthew Tomkinson at #BECBC. Photos captured (apart from a couple of mine) by Carlos Reina Silvestre (what a trooper – he was still recovering from gall bladder op)

Carlos also managed to capture the extraordinary expression on my face 😂. As I said to Dianne I must get better at keeping my thoughts from showing quite so blatantly on my face!! Another friend said amazing how everyone else managed to look quite “Zen”!

Delighted that between us we raised £1400 for such a vital charity – The Freedom Project. Click that link to find out more about the wonderful work they do to support victims, and also to help perpetrators break the cycle.

Thanks to all who donated & cheered us on – made it great fun to be part of! What’s the next challenge then folks?