10th Anniversary Time To Change West Cumbria Celebration

September 21, 2023
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A week ago I attended the 10th anniversary Time to Change West Cumbria celebration event. I was really bowled over by the afternoon at the Solway Hall, hearing from so many inspiring people – those with the vision and those who have been supported.

Wonderful stories on screen and amazing speakers in the room, introduced and hosted by Emma-Jayne Gooch.

A few thoughts that keep coming back to me:
💚 “I felt like I was believed and not judged”

The shared stories showed that anyone of any age has the chance to find their way out of a dark place when there are passionate people around who have love and kindness at the core of what they believe and do. From Louise to Christine, younger to older, we heard beautiful examples of transformation, bravery and hope.

💙 “We can make the world a better place, one person at a time” and “Small things done with great love can change the world”
When people like Rachel Holliday are determined to make a difference and believe they can, then they do!
💚 When business people go beyond what Shaun Kennedy of Securitas described as “the once a year wooden relationship / cheque handover & handshake” with their chosen charity the results are extraordinary. The integration into his team is so evident. Massive social impact within their communities.
💙 The celebration of lives lost was beautiful, and the dates of birth to death heartbreaking. But to know they had been loved, looked after and never forgotten was very special to witness.

350 people through the doors of Calderwood, and many more will receive the same care and love in the future. For those who can’t be accommodated then sleeping bags and support are provided.
In this funny old world it’s so good to be reminded of the good, practical, positive, non-judgemental help that is there for those who need it in this corner of the world.
Sorry for long spiel – I’m not being self indulgent I hope. I know at first hand how people’s lives can crumble and where depression and hopelessness can take anyone – it has nothing to do with race, age, status etc.
BUT When there are people who put out that helping hand every day to those who need it – well it gives me hope that the world’s not going to hell in a handcart to coin a phrase!
Congratulations to the team including Julieanne at Together We Can Fundraising for an extraordinary celebration. Thank you for inviting me. Here’s to your next 10 years of transforming lives in West Cumbria.
And Rachel I’ll never forget the words you quoted of your nana Elsie Holliday, herself a mum of 7 whose husband died in the Haig Pit disaster ….
“All you need to do is love him”.
“But I do love him”
“So then you need to love him some more”.
#love #kindness

To find out more about Calderwood and Time To Change take a look at their new website: https://www.ttcwestcumbria.org/

Oh and I don’t think it’s too awful to say…. Always proud and grateful to see the logo I designed for TTC on their materials