Marketing design

Design of newsletters, brochures, flyers, adverts, logos and more to suit your business. Whether you need something for on or offline use, or both!  I have a great resource for this that will save you time and money but deliver top results.

Email marketing

Cost effective and professional solutions to suit your business style, branding and budget. This can be designed on existing platforms, or guidance given on the best performing and most effective packages to use. For smaller businesses, these can be free to use, or very competitive.

Social media design and strategy

Social media is an important part of your marketing mix to ensure engagement and relationship building online. However, it can be quite a minefield in terms of choosing the best channels to use, and also in terms of spending precious hours trying to work out what to do rather than getting results. Working together, we can get creative, and make a cunning plan!

Market planning, strategy and development

There are so many angles to marketing, and I can assist you to work out what fits your business best. Through my experience in the publishing, hospitality, logistics, retail and brewing industries, I’ve learnt a trick or two about cost-effective and results based marketing, to reach and hit the mark with your desired audience. Whether you need a simple flyer, a more complex brochure, website review or design, or want a full-blown campaign managing, give me a call to discuss what we can do to get the results you need.

In addition to different angles, there are also many theories about best marketing practice. I am a great believer in keeping up with all latest learning and ideas, but also in maintaining roots in the four Ps - Product, Place, Price and Promotion. If you need assistance in making it all fit together, give me a call and together we’ll create a master plan that does not just sit on a shelf and gather dust! A plan that you can enjoy implementing, can fine tune to adapt to changing needs, and  without breaking the bank.